Palantir - InnovateUK

In 2019 Braendler Engineering began work on the Palantir project.


This project has developed roboticized inspection systems that take people out of dangerous working environments. Palintir enables the remote capture of precise 3D data from harsh industrial spaces (eg offshore turbines) utilizing drones, ROVs, and crawlers.  Enhanced AI analysis then produces fast and accurate inspection results through an intuitive software interface. 


Palantir consists of several components:

  • Data Capture: 2D, 3D and acoustic data capture.

  • Data Processing: Cloud based software for organizing, stitching, and 2D/3D reconstruction of images. 

  • Machine Learning: Proven machine learning models that analyze and classify image data

  • Data Visualization: Intuitive web interface that enables our clients to schedule follow up actions.

  • Simulations: Realistic simulations that accelerate the development of autonomous control systems.


This project is being performed in conjunction with the University of Bristol and ORE catapult and with the support of Innovate UK.

Drone Camera