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Inspection & Data Management

No one method suits every asset or product inspection.  We do not tie our clients to one method and neither does our software.  Our platforms will process drone, ground-based camera, ROV, lidar and hand-held tablet output to capture exactly what you need and how you need it.

Analysis & Visualisation

Our data processing methods automate the generation of 2D or 3D models, and annotation can either be manual or via a machine-learning backend.

Results are accessible through an intuitive web interface to enable our clients to easily schedule appropriate follow up actions.

Design & Reliability

Inspection and survey results unlock valuable information that can be used by more and varied internal departments within our clients organisations. Seamless cohesion between our systems and clients data stores enables greater transparency of status, repairs, maintenance and management of asset portfolios.



In 2005 Braendler Engineering's inaugural project was to create quality control systems for two different sets of high-speed manufacturing operations.  From there we transitioned into large-scale asset inspection.


Asset categories have included train manufacture, marine vessel operations, wind turbines, and large-scale concrete structures. 


We have designed and built hardware for retrospective installation on production lines, and have developed and manufactured award winning inspection imaging equipment.  

We have developed software and bespoke portals to process all captured inspection images and integrate the results into our clients existing processes and systems, with accompanying machine learning and AI assisted data analytics.

Our clients range from manufacturers, inspectors, consultants, fleet-wide asset owners and OEM’s.

Our partners are from industry, academia and government.

Data collection is easy; our ethos is to make complex analysis just as easy.







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